Boise and Meridian Awards

Idaho is full of amazing people and places so it is no surprise to hear that two of its largest cities— Boise and Meridian— have received such high accolades over the last few years both national magazines and mega websites. But before you understand the awards they’ve received, you need to know a little about these two wonderful cities. Both Boise and Meridian are located in Ada County, Idaho. Boise, the largest city in Idaho, shares its western border with the City of Meridian, the third largest city. At this point, which roughly follows Eagle Road, the two cities merge seamlessly and almost form one large city between the two of them. You can drive from Boise’s suburban outskirts into Meridian’s without skipping a beat and you wouldn’t even notice you’d left.

Boise started as a military base in the early 1800s and soon spread into both a suburban and an urban community. Meridian was once a farming community a few miles outside of Boise but has since grown into one of the most desired suburban neighborhoods in the area.

Best City to Live In: Meridian
(USA Today 2015)
As it was mentioned earlier, Meridian is one of the most desired suburban cities in the Treasure Valley. This isn’t just a biased claim of a local, however. In fact, it is the opinion of USA Today. In late 2015 USA Today came out with their list of the “Top 10 Best Cities to Live In” list and the Treasure Valley’s own Meridian own the top spot.

They rated it against cites in Colorado, Connecticut, and Georgia and they found that it met their criteria for the best place to live. Their criteria included things like employment rates, population, population growth, and amenities.

2nd Most Artistic Mid-Sized City in America: Boise
( 2015)
It’s no secret that people in Boise love art, but did you know they like art enough to be second most artistic mid-sized city the country? It’s true and did a beautiful job of capturing the love of art that flows deep in the veins of Boiseans. Boise is covered in all sorts of art forms from architectural to live performance form so it doesn’t matter what you are interested in, if you like the arts, then Boise is the place to be. There are museums, studios, galleries, theaters, and just about everything in between.

Top 100 Best Places to Live: Boise
( 2014, 2015, 2016)
Livability is a great website. If you are thinking about moving somewhere, or just want to know more about some place, consult They rate cities by different criteria to see how livable they are. Boise has always been on their radar due to its beautiful balance of serene simplicity and bustling city. Not to mention its abundance of outdoor activities. From hunting to fishing and beyond, there are millions of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Best Under-the-Radar Destination: Boise
(Huffington Post 2014)
Even though it may be on the radar for, it is definitely being eyed by real estate prospectors and potential visitors because of how under-the-radar it is. They appreciate this cities remote location, and man amenities more than anyone else. Some of the specific things that the Huffington Post like about Boise were its many wineries, the many outdoor activities that are open to the public, and so much more.

Best Towns for College Football: Boise
(Time Magazine 2015)
If you are into college football in the slightest, then you have probably seen the legendary blue field of the Boise State Broncos. It is one of the many iconic things about the Broncos that make them irresistible for lovers of the game. The Broncos are the number one reason that Time Magazine chose Boise for their “Best Towns for College Football” list. They have introduced a football culture into the community that is hard to resist for the football fan. Tailgate parties, merchandise in every store, and, of course, easy access to game day tickets!

This is only a small sampling of the many awards that Boise and Meridian have received in the last few years, and many more like these will continue to come. So, come see what all the fuss is about and visit Boise. For more information about when and where you should visit, contact me today and I’ll be happy to help you. But be warned, the longer you stay here in Idaho, the harder it will be to leave.

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